Purposefully Confused
Dead Island: First Impressions

(This is all based on like an hour an a half of game play and just barely past the first act)

-I get I’m slightly drunk at the beginning of the game, but why I keep walking the same way all the time? (Crappy controllers?)

-Why do I T-bag every bag that’s on the floor? (Or in my case that I chose a female character, V-bag?)

-I appreciate that zombies make sounds before they attack, creates more tension and makes me scream louder when I spot them one inch away from my face (my neighbors, tho, do not appreciate my girly screaming)

-Why this needed to be an RPG? Makes no sense. Just give me weapons to bash zombie heads and keep replacing them as I break them.

-Speaking of it being an RPG: Like all RPGs, any other human is a complete useless blob and you basically have to do everything for them.

-Why zombies keep hidding their money in their underpants?

-At first they promised amazing graphics and what not. I’m playing this on an Xbox 360. I’m watching PS2 graphics.

-The “1.1.0 version” on the title screen makes me think: “Broken Game”.

-This still feels like my first impression when I first got to know some details about the game: I’m playing the bastard child of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising (games that handled controllers, melee weapons and menu systems way better)

-I sincerely hope this constant flow breaker by cut scenes stops soon and i can just walk around killing zombies without someone asking me to find them clean underwear… again.

-Do I need clean underwear? Yes.

-Am I having fun so far? I guess?

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